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Basic Stock Trading and Comprehensive Technical Analysis Seminar

Yes, you can have a better understanding about the Stock Market (both local and international) and learn to be a better trader or investor.

Absolute Traders’ goal is to teach people to trade with confidence by learning capital preservation and increasing investment returns.
To answer the question: What does one do in a Bull or Bear market?
How do I maximize profits by trading?

No prior knowledge about the financial markets or technical analysis is needed.
We will be teaching all participants everything from the beginning.

The seminar will run for 5 Thursday nights, from Sept. 19 to Oct. 17, 2013 at the 2/f of The Conservatory Building, 605 Shaw Blvd., starting at 6:30pm until 9pm.
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The investment fee is P6,600.

To reserve your seat, just deposit half of the fee to Absolute Traders & Consulting Services Inc’s BDO account: 310054338 and send us a copy of the slip by either email or fax to 2393738.
The balance will be collected on the first day of the session.

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PSM 08.22.13

Philippine Stock Market Updates
by: Erwin San Luis
August 22, 2013

Trend: Downtrend
Phase: Steep Downward Momentum
Ghost Month Effect
Emerging Market Break down effect
Flood and After storm effect
3 trading days supension effect
World Bank corruption whistle blower effect
Quantitative Easing Effect

Market is expected to trade even lower today until tomorrow
as market sentiment is really down…

with Thailand under Recession
and Indonesia entering the bear market,
Philippines is seen to be the basin of the money outflow from those countries.

However since we are now flood striken, the emerging market basin may be seen to crumble

and since developed market esp. in US is already regaining momentum…

the outflow is seen to be going there now

As a result, expect deep decline this next few days

If you want to invest,
do staggered buying
do not be too aggressive and go all in

although there is a rule na
“Invest when there is blood on the streets”

you still need to look into other factors
as in our case
more downside is seen from the emerging market and Quantitative easing effect

plus a possible credit downgrade if things do not go as it should

Is the market still good in this case?
of course it still is, It is just that along the way up, we encounter some bumps and slow down

Investing in still more fun in the Philippines.
beside, if you are in our country where else would you go?
Stocks is still the most viable option especially in the long run

In the meanwhile… for continuous flow of cash
you can try FOREX markets, you can do Short Selling for for a while

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