PSM Update 06.27.13

June 27, 2013

Trend:  Consolidation
Phase:  Recovery
Mode:  Semiannual Window Dressing

Good Morning

PSEi started its recovery yesterday and is seen to continue today and tomorrow

with 3 factors:
1. Semi annual window dressing
2. Exit of quantitative easing issue GDP of US is lower than expected which post issues on US Economy not as strong as the previous announcement

Although nagannouce na si Chairman bernake na irereduce na ang QE in the…
next few months… around october ata… at mid next year baka tanggalin na ang QE…

dahil sa naging results ng report yung free money policies might last longer than it would seem depende padin yun ha

pero as of now enjoy the green… thanks to the semiannual window dressing XD Hope yiu collected enough last week XD Pero mas masaya kayo kung last tuesday kayo naka ipon hahahaha

Anyhow hindi naman kasi natin alam kung hanggang saan pababa eh XD

Just remember… nasa technical rally pa rin ito…

Both semiannual window dressing effect and technical rebound by stocks being too much oversold XD

Too much na oversold pa

Anyhow bukas ang last day of trading for June

Might as well reconsider selling some stocks. Selling during rallies and wait muna for another base sa support

Or mag revaluate ng portfolio some stocks now offer better returns than others

Ayun lang muna may bukas pa XD

Erwin San Luis


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