PSM Update 06.19.13

June 19, 2013

Trend: consolidation
Phase: technical recovery

Good morning

The previous test of support was successful leading to a technical recovery

Yesterday and might continue today
As foreign market is looking green

After the test of support
Psei is now set for its initial resistance after the drop

So will the resistance break?

Or will it send it back to its support level which myt strenghtn the base for support

An in return allows us to reenter the market in with the odds on the side of buyers

Also please be reminded that next week is not just end of the month window dressing but the semi annual window dressing

Ambilis ng panahon hahahahh

Btw usually mas malaki ang effect ng semiannual window dressing kaysa sa quarterly window dressing

So isip isip din pag may time…

If you have to sell some positions… do so… but not because someone told you so…

It should be in accordance to your previous plan
Before something happened that affected your emotion

This allows you to think more clearly and out of greed and fear… which usually changes the odds of winning

Remember that it is either you gain money or experience

You can keep the experience and earn more money

So keep it up
Dont give up
Wazzap wazzup


Erwin San Luis


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