PSM Update 04.29.13

Good Morning

Phase: Uptrend in need of another correction
Trend: Uptrend
Mode: Window dressing

Ph stocks is seen to go up this week and may retest the 7,100 mark
Due to the monthend window dressing and some rumored investment upgrade from another financial institutions

2 days are left for May
Which in turn pagagandahin nnmn ang ending ng stocks prices leading it to go up

However having consecutive gains last week might decrease its chances or growth potentials

Some index stocks are also in set for something

May iba n mukhang magbrebreak out mula sa prices kung saan sila nglalro (trading range)

To check, mapapansin mo ito kung magalaw ang price nya dati tapos parang nag iistabilize n sya sa mas maliit n trading range… especially kung malapit sa isang whole number ang price kung saan siya nag iistabilze

Say for example, check mo c smph

Anyhow bad news for bloom, pinasok ng tubig at binaha sila nun umulan… which is last weekend lng

Partida hindi p bagyo un
Ineffect nun mababawasan ang confidence ng investors sa structure at itatagal ng negosyo

Dahil lumalabas na minadali ang pagkakagawa kaya hindi pulido

Pano na kung mas matindi sa ulan ang mangyari? Will they survive that? Hindi mahagamit ang ilang facilities tapos
gastusan pa pag papayos so dagdag nanaman ng expenses

Sana umangat muna sya this monthend
Dami naipit eh

Anyhow have a great week ahead
Erwin San Luis


PSM Update 04.24.13

Good morning

April 24, 2013

Phase: uptrend in need of another correction
Trend: uptrend and is consolidating after the recent 7,000 mark breakout

Kung nung monday napush pataas ang mga stocks sa closing

Yesterday the reverse happened

Na push pababa ang mga stocks sa closing

Anyhow this would be a normal case
As madami ang nagproprofit take around this time

Since malakilaki na ang gains ng market

Its also a good opportunity to buy some stocks

dahil malapit na naman mag month end window dressing

Which would mean another short opportunity to take some short term gains nanaman next week

May na next month

Which is our election month
Madami aabangan dyan ang mga companies

Mga bets nila sa election
So madami magigibg affected na companies dipende sa nananalo

Take note na sa current aquino administration
Ayala ang malakas ang kapit sa government

That is it pansit
Have a great day
Happy trading

Erwin San Luis

PSM Update 04.23.13

Good morning

Phase: Uptrend in need of another correction
Trend: Uptrend
Recomendation: take some profits

Market has gone over 7,100 mark yesterday

With the 27th all time high this year, thw philippine market is indeed in the very bullish state

And with this
More companies will be going public as it is really good time to enter the market during times like this

Infact, Asia united bank and national bookstore’s IPO was already approved

However sa sunod sunod na all time high na yan

Market needa another correction as napaka stiff nanaman ng itsura ng charts

Anyhow, more chances of a pull back today…

As mataas ang volume ng supply dahil madami mag proprofit taking

But still malapit na tau magreach ng 7,500 mark for thw year… mataas chance na magkaroon nanaman ng revaluation ang mga brokers that might again be catalyst for another boost

Kung mag tatake profit kayo…

Make sure to know when to buy it back again especially if it does not yet have its maturity

Another investment upgraded is being speculated soon

Which might boost again… the stocks to new heights so better to buy them back again so at the very least you can enjoy he ride again

Plan your exit and reentry points

Have a great week ahead
Erwin San Luis

National Book Store to list on stock exchange


MANILA, Philippines—The Ramos family has finalized plans to list its flagship retailing, publishing and allied businesses through the backdoor of the local stock exchange using Vulcan Industrial and Mining Corp., which will be renamed National Book Store Retail Corp.
In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Thursday, Vulcan said its board had agreed to endorse during the stockholders meeting on May 29 an increase in capital, the subscription by National Bookstore Inc. to such capital hike, the spin-off of mining and oil-related assets and the change in the company’s primary purpose from mining to retail and relegation of mining and oil exploration as secondary purposes.
Under the proposed framework, National Book Store will acquire new shares in Vulcan at P1 per share out of the increase in authorized capital stock to P4 billion from P600 million. This will be done through the conversion to equity of its advances amounting to P363.94 million; and cash subscription of up to P3.036 billion.
Likewise approved as part of the agenda was the change in the name of the corporation to reflect the entry of National Book Store and the waiver of rights offer relative to the increase in capital via additional subscription by National Bookstore and assignees.
Apart from retailing, the board agreed to propose the inclusion among the new secondary purposes of the company wholesale, publishing, printing, manufacturing, distribution, contracting and other activities.

PSM Update 04.19.13

Good morning

Phase: uptrend and consolidation
Trend: sideways

Recomemdation: Buy on dips especially nextweek

Para makaipon ka para sa window dressing sa monthend

Cash dividend payable kahapon if you are holding MPI and COL be sure to check kung nadagdag na sa account nyo

S&P, dow and nasdaq still down due to weak economic data that was released recently

And friday ngaun… weak ang market twing friday

So high chances of market going down again

>MERALCO bags to deals on powerplant in nigeria africa
>National bookstore is set for backdoor listing via vulcan imdustrial & mining corp (VUL)
>EDC bonds were approved by sec 4.2875-4.875% for 7years


4.5354 – 5.03574% for 10 years
Thats it pansit

Good luck and God bless
Erwin San Luis

PSM Update 04.18.13

Good morning

Phase: uptrend and consolidation
Trend: sideways going down after hitting certain resistance
Reco: Buy on dips sell during rally

Non blue chip stocks post gains after gains na… panahon nanaman nila


Global market generally downWith us market losing big bucks kagabi in awake of euro gloom and apple stocks weak earnings report
This would result to a high chance of our stocks going down again today…
Recently Up down up down ang market
hope you are gaining thru this volatility

Just stick to ur plan and do not be driven by the market sentiments
If you don’t want to join the swings just pick on a good company to buy and go on with it during dips
Madami pa naman dips n darating mayroon pang May

– Ayala to enter hotel business

– LTG ipo nets 38B
Biggest so far in ph history
Which would boost other firms confidence who s planning to ipo

Which might affect smph plans on merging smdc and sm land

And the backdoor listing plan of national bookstore thru vulcan holding VUL

Since kaya naman pala ng ganoon kalaki… baka maging more aggressive na sila…

This might reflect the sudden increase in price of vul yesterday

– bdo shareholders meeting na bukas

Expect some dividend declaration to soon

Well that being aside expect na naten na
Down ang sentiments ng market today

Happy hunting

Erwin San Luis

PSM update 04.16.13

Phase: Correction turning to an uptrend
Trend: Sideways now retreating after hitting certain resistance level
Generate Market Trend: Down
Recommendation: Range trade buy on dips short sell on resist

Technically speaking hindi ka pa iiwan ng market pataas
Well it will be untill May that is where correction is expected to be borken
Actually our phase is like not a correction
Lack of interesting news slowdown the market
Ok so a lot of stock is going up despite the correction
However we can still see it moving sideways struggling to breakout (which some already did)
Well thats good right? But keep in mind a lot of them still awaits the result of the election
Just make sure your target price are there and already set for you and follow them so you wont be driven by fear or greed
Follow your strategy that you made while your mind is still clear
That is for today
Erwin San Luis